Instructions !

Collecting Festival Kits and ID badges

 Instructions for Collection, please read carefully

– Are you a PERMANENT or SEASONAL resident of Andros, i.e. do you have a home on the island?

We will hold your Festival Kit and ID badge at the Festival Info Point closest to the place of residence you stated on your registration form. Please collect your Festival Kit and ID from your nearest Festival Info Point listed below.

Are you a VISITOR to Andros who stated on the registration form where you will stay on your first night arriving on Andros?

You can collect your Festival Kit and ID badge at the Festival Info Point closest to the place where you told us you would be staying on arrival on Andros. For example, if you are spending the first night in Gavrio, Agios Petros or Kypri, collect from the Gavrio Info Point. If you have booked accommodation in Batsi, Approvato or Palaiopoli, collect from the Batsi Info Point. If you are staying in Pitrofos, Menites or Chora, collect from the Chora Info Point. If your first night is in the Korthi area, at the Korthi Info Point.

Are you a VISITOR to Andros who did not give us the area where you will spend your first night on Andros on the registration form?

In this case, you MUST contact us immediately to tell us the Festival Info Point where you would like to collect your Festival Kit and your ID.

Locations !

Festival info points

Festival Info Points will be open daily from Wednesday, October 6, 2018.

Opening Hours & Locations

Gavrio: Logari (Λογάρι) Bookshop,  Morning 10-12 – Evening 19.00-21.00.

Batsi : Hotel Karanasos, Morning 10-12 – Evening 19.00-21.00

Chora : Laskaris (Λάσκαρ) Pastry shop, Evening 18.00-21.00

Κόρθι : Lithodomi (Λιθοδομή) Restuarant, Evening 18.00-21.00

Last Minute Registrations & Bookings

During the festival, it will be possible to make last-minute registrations and bookings in person at the Festival Info Points. However, bookings for Hikes & Events will CLOSE 3 DAYS BEFORE the Hike & Event takes place. For example, on 10th October you will only be able to book Hikes & Events taking place on and after 13th October.