Do you want to come to the Festival but organise your own hiking program?

Of course you are free to do this ! Why don’t you check out the wonderfully diverse range of walking routes on Andros below and map your own route?

If you want to do your own thing we still recommend you follow the step by step registration process and register here, to receive all the benefits of festival membership and then plan your own hiking program.

As a festival member, you can decide to attend as many or as few of the Festival Events (festivals, meals, tours, games, arts) by meeting us where you choose. You can select what you want to do via the online participation form, which you will receive access to immediately after your registration at the Festival.

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Walk through our treasure …

Ancient walkers engraved a web of paths through the hidden treasure of a landscape of unique beauty! Explore our interactive map below for detailed information on the routes and get to know an amazing network of 170km of fully waymarked trails.

Walk across Andros from end to end: the 100km Andros Route

Travel through Andros along the Andros Route! A continuous 100km route from the north to the south of Andros which, in 2015,   received the European Leading Quality Trails-Best of Europe certification from the European Ramblers Association  …. Walk the Andros Route and stay each night at a different location and experience the incredible variety of Andros… click here to see more.

Day Hikes

Do you want to explore the island from one location? Choose one of our day hikes