The program of the 2nd Panhellenic Trails Meeting

The program so far goes like this :

Friday 12 October 2018

Chora Area

Morning : Hike followed by a farm visit, light meal, relaxation

17.00 : Start of the meeting – Chora Municipal Theatre

  • Delegate introductions and networking: presentations of representatives of regions – reflections – proposals

20.00 : Meal

21.00 : Screening of the film “Little England” directed by Pantelis Voulgaris hosted by the Andros Cinema Club, Chora Municipal Cinema

Saturday 13 October 2018

Chora Area

9.20 : Tour of the archaeological museum of Chora

10.30-13.30 : Chora Municipal Theate

  • Greek legislation & European practices : Reading questions / questions raised the day before,
  • Presentation of thematic subjects
  • 1. Maintenance & Certification of Paths
    • Implementation of the Ministerial Decision on Trails (representative of the Ministry of the Environment)
    • Trail maintenance in Europe (representative of the European Hiking Federation)
  • 2. The working role of the guide/tour leader
    • Recording of existing educational frameworks in Greece
    • Training in interpreting a guided tour  Interpret Europe
  • 3α. The emergence of rural space as cultural heritage
    • Developments & prospects in Greece & abroad
  • 3b. Synergies between the primary sector & hiking tourism
    • Modern legislative tools in Greece (cottage industry, visiting farms, etc.)
    •  Certifying a home cooking business in Great Britain

noon:  Quality award ceremony followed by a light meal

16.00: Depart for hike, visit Agia Irini Monastery of Apoikia, feast with music in Apoikia by Associations and residents of the area

Sunday 14 October 2018

Chora area

9.30-10.45 : Visit to the contemporary art exhibition of the Kydonieos Foundation & at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chora

11.00-13.00 : Municipal Theater of Chora

  • 4. Protection of hiking networks & resources for path maintenance
    • Greek legislative framework & good practices
    • Protection of hiking networks: European experience (representative of the European Hiking Federation)
  • 5. Issues of civil protection and safety of those involved in hiking tourism
    • Greek legislation & modern interventions
    • The European experience on safety in hiking tourism (representative of the European Hiking Federation)

Summary of issues, concerns & meeting suggestions. Next steps

Lunch brake

15.30: Depart for hike

Hike to the mountain village of Vourkoti followed by a meal of local traditional cuisine and  mountain cheese tasting provided by the Vourkoti Village Association