Why a Walking Festival ???

Our story starts 9 years ago when a small group of volunteers started to restore and waymark the ancient walking highways of Andros. Since then many have walked these paths and the volunteers have grown in numbers and become the Andros Routes non-profit organisation so that today Andros has a network of 170km hiking routes signposted to European standards that give visitors a glimpse of the beauty, wealth and the ancient man-made landscape of the island. One hundred kilometres of the network are linked to provide a continuous long distance path called the Andros Route  that crosses the island from North to South. In 2015 the Andros Route was awarded the Leading Quality Trails-Best of Europe certification from the European Ramblers Association.

Three years on in 2018 our certification is due to be renewed. The European Ramblers team has inspected and to celebrate our second period as a Leading Quality Trail we are pleased to announce the organisation of the 1st Andros Hiking Festival to take place in October 2018.

The Andros on Foot Festival is a celebration through an exploration of the exceptional beauty of Andros on foot. It is a unique event that will bring together the people of Andros with walkers from the rest of Greece and abroad to experience a mixture of walking and local culture. Local cultural associations in villages across the island are preparing a range of enjoyable activities along the network of hiking routes.

The beauty of Andros alone is enough…… just to be there!

The main organizer of the Andros on Foot Festival is the volunteer team of Andros Routes, who since 2009 have been restoring, waymarking and maintaining the island’s paths. See more at www.androsroutes.gr

Essential co-organizers of the Andros on Foot Festival are the members of the various Cultural Associations and the residents of the Andros villages where the Festival will take us. The Region of South Aegean and the Municipality of Andros are supporting the organization. In addition, we have many individual supporters and sponsors. To see our co-organizers and our sponsors click here.