Step by step guide to participating in the Festival…!

Its simple… just follow the steps below

Registrations and bookings for Hikes & Events will CLOSE 3 DAYS BEFORE the Hike & Event takes place. For example, if you register on 10th October you will only be able to book Hikes & Events taking place on and after 13th October.

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    Select your dates

    The festival lasts 15 days from 5th to 20th October 2019. Stay for as many days as you like, come and go as you please, its up to you.

    Take a look at the event calendar showing each day’s hike and event at the link here, select which days suit you

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    Sign up for the Festival and Book your Hikes & Events


    Register for the Festival and Book Events by completing the online form here


    The registration fee is € 15 per person, € 12 per person for groups of over 10 people, and € 10 per person for families with more than 3 members. When you arrive in Andros, you will receive the Festival Kit which includes:

    a. Festival id that you will show at each event you attend (for each type of registration, 1 per person)

    b. Material bag with the Festival logo (1 per person)

    c. Map of Andros (1 per person for groups and individual subscriptions and 1 map per family subscription)

    dAndros Routes & Sponsors gifts   (1 per person)


    Participation in all hikes and archaeological tours are free of charge.  However, there is a charge to cover the costs of transport provided by the local bus company and for meals and other activities provided by the local associations.

    Reservations must be made for each component(hike/transport/event) of the days you are interested in, whether it is free of charge or not.

    Please note, if you register as a Group or Family then all events selected will be booked for the whole group or family.  For example, if you register as a group of 12 people and are interested in events on each day from 6-10 October then the booking (and charge) will be for 12 people for each event booked. If individuals of your group want to split across different events then you should register each member as an individual.

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    Decide in which areas of Andros you will stay

    There are two options:

    Α. Stay in the areas we recommend in the description of each day’s activities in the Festival’s events calendar (look at the bottom of the event page under Suggested Areas For Overnight Stay). These areas differ from day to day as they align with the location of the next day’s hike. Essentially, they are the wider areas of Gavrio, Agios Petros, Batsi, Aprovato, Menites, Chora, Apoikia and Korthi. For each hike and event, transport is arranged from a convenient place near to the start of the hike and to return to after the events (village feasts, guided tours etc.) For example, Gavrio or Batsi and the surrounding area is proposed for Overnight Stays on 6th and 7th October, while on 10th October Chora is proposed, while Menites or Chora is proposed on 11th October 

    For more information about which are the recommended areas to stay day by day, go here

    Β. You may stay outside the recommended areas if you like, but you need to make sure you have arranged transport to reach the start points and return for those hikes/events you want to attend.

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    Choose and Book your Accommodation

    You are certainly free to stay in any accommodation you like!  However, there are several businesses on the island who support our project by participating in our  Andros Routes – Hiking Friendly Partner scheme.

    Many of these partners have responded to our request to offer special prices for the Festival members. You can see their offers by region of Andros by clicking here. By supporting them you are indirectly supporting us.

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    Book your ferry tickets

    The main two ferry companies that that service Andros, Fast Ferries & Golden Star, are supporting the Festival by offering special discounts to anyone registering for the festival. These are:

    30% reduction for passengers
    20% reduction for vehicles

    To take advantage of these discounts you will need to book your tickets in advance by telephone or by email to their main office in Rafina and Andros and then pick up your tickets at the port before you part.

    You will be emailed the details of how to book discounted tickets when you register for the festival.

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    When you arrive on Andros

    At this year’s Festival, there are two Festival Information Offices – INFO POINTS  in Chora and Gavrio.

    You will be asked on the Festival Registration & Booking Form to indicate at which Info Point you wish to pick up your Festival ID badge and Festival kit.

    You should pick up your ID badge from the INFO POINT you selected on the Festival Registration & Booking Form. You will need your ID badge to attend any hikes so please pick up your Festival Kit well in advance of your participation in an event.

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    Participate in the Hikes and Events of the festival

    Once you have registered for the Festival and booked the events and hikes you want to go to, just show up at the meeting points described in the Hike & Event Pages of our website and on the Festival smartphone app.

We are looking forward to welcome you!