TERMS and CONDITIONS for Participation in the 2nd ANDROS ON FOOT FESTIVAL

Festival Program

The Festival is dependent on the collaboration and contribution of multiple organisations and individuals, e.g. Cultural Associations, Scientists, Guides, Carriers, and others. The Festival Hikes and Events are highly dependent on weather conditions.

The Festival Organizing Team reserves the right to make changes to the program due to weather or force majeure.

In case of a hike cancellation, you will be notified as soon as possible, by text message on your mobile phone or by email, as you provided as part of registration. If the hike is cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions, we expect to proceed with the meal events. A refund will be made, only if the hosting Cultural Associations cancel the meal events.

If a refund is available, you will receive a communication to inform you about the cancelled event, or hike, and how to get a refund.  

 Cut-off for booking hike and events

Our festival hikes and events are dependent on transport and the host communities who provide the festival meals. We are required to give these organisations three days’ notice of the visitor numbers so that they can plan capacity for vehicles, seating and food.

Your volunteer Hike Guides are there to lead and support the hikes. We have to plan the number of volunteers we need to support each hike.

As a consequence, to attend a Festival hike or event, you must have registered and booked the hike or event at least three days beforehand. For example, if you wish to register and book a place on October 13th festival day, you must have registered and booked by October 10th at the latest.


These are our normal terms for hiking on the Andros Routes. Please read these to assure your safety and suitability.

You can find them here  https://www.androsroutes.gr/en/hike_advice_roules/